Useful Websites in Digital Advertising

Fiverr – Businesses prepare for banners, logos, ads for paid websites, slogans, etc. before they begin the promotion. They may also need someone to do backlinks, write product reviews and even blogs to mention the brand and what they offer. Fiverr is one of the most used websites because you can find quality work for an affordable price which is $5 per project. This website is perfect for those who want to spend a little on endorsement and expecting for a quick turn-over of orders.

Iwriter – This site is very famous because of the impressive articles made by different writers. The price ranges from $1 for a short paragraph to $6 or more for challenging and more intensive themed articles. Clients have the right to review the submitted project first before paying.

Youtube – Big companies can afford Youtube channel paid advertisements or also known as sponsored ads. Millions of people are watching from this website every minute. The ads are shown in the beginning or even in the middle of the video being played making the product noticeable and enticing to most watchers. This website is definitely effective but not everyone could sustain it due to expensive rates.

Social Networking sites – You bet, everybody knows what social media is all about and only a few people do not entertain this kind of development. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. are the top platforms used by various generations. Like Youtube, marketing or advertising through social media page or sponsored ads section could be really sufficient but for those who want to promote for free can simply create an account and business page.

Online Directories – Highly optimized yellow pages directory is one of the best options since your business will surely appear on search engine. Some sites offer free registration while others require a minimal fee.

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The great impact of digital advertising on businesses

Few decades ago, business owners are struggling in marketing their brands since they have to do the traditional way such as paying lots of money to advertisers and mass media. Products and services were all promoted through billboards, magazines, newspapers, TV commercials and radio ads. When the internet became mainstream media, new marketing forms and approaches were developed and practiced.

Nowadays, entrepreneurs prefer digital advertising when it comes to business endorsements. In some countries, this modern approach is known as internet marketing. It is undeniably more convenient, cost-effective and persuasive compared to the old techniques.

In digital advertising, you can promote your brand faster and easier. Promotional messages can be sent through email and will spread to thousands-millions of potential customers in a snap. Ads on social media and websites cost less compared to TV commercials and it is proven that more and more people are into social networking sites than in front of the television or listening to the radio.

No doubt, the life of marketing executives, SEO specialists and advertisers are more convenient and manageable; Thanks to the apps and tools available to make the promotion more effective especially when it comes to search engine. Successful SEM or Search Engine Marketing makes the brand searchable and well-known as a result of being top-ranking.

With the help of digital advertising or internet marketing, products manufactured and services being offered by different companies are popular not only in a specific place, but all the countries and states with network connection. It is easier to decide which target market should be chosen since the results are visible, more obvious and instant.

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How can you market your business with a hundred dollar budget

Are you starting a small business and you want to promote your brand online? Maybe you are hesitant to do it because you need budget to avail digital advertising or endorsement through famous sites or internet marketers. Yes, it is normal especially for those who are not sure about this modern marketing technique. Let’s find out how you can market the business if you only have a hundred dollar budget.

  • Bloggers and Social Media Influencers – blogging used to be an outlet for people with lots of creative ideas and those who want to share helpful information about a specific thing.

Nowadays, more bloggers are keeping their sites active and updated not because of boredom or for fun. They use it to earn. You read it right!

A lot of business owners all over the world offer partnership or cross deal with bloggers and online influencers. They can offer a little amount of money or free products and services in exchange of promotional articles and photos in their websites and social media or free backlinks of the business page / site.

  • Sponsored Ads – In some social media platforms, you can promote your brand or product through paid ads section. You can set the duration and your budget so, no need to worry about extra fees and expensive contracts.
  • Forum Posting – joining groups online is one of the commonly used method in digital advertising and SEO. This one is absolutely free but you must be dedicated in following the threads and be engaged in conversations. Posting of links is not allowed and the perfect way to promote the business is by pretending to be a client or potential customer looking for recommendations about a specific product or company. You can build up the business as you give positive reviews on your own brand, persuading the other readers and forum members to try out the product you have mentioned.
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4 common approaches to digital advertising

If you are wondering how to begin marketing your products or brand online, this article might help you. Online marketing is easy if you know where to start and how to do it effectively. For some people, they think digital advertising or marketing a business online is limited and uncertain.

That is absolutely false! The following are the best approach to digital advertising:

Social Media

The most common, user-friendly and affordable way to endorse a product and services online. Young adults to senior citizens know how to use a social media platform and who else does not have an account, right? Many business owners choose this because it is not complicated and free of charge unless you avail the Ads from some sites such as Facebook. You can also create a page for the business and this is definitely for free.

Paid Ads

For those who have budget, this is an option. The results of paid advertisements is beyond doubt and quite impressive. All you have to do is make a research about top websites and bloggers and negotiate about having your business endorsed on their pages. Of course, more people can see your brand if posted on highly visited sites and that includes social media advertisements like the sponsored ads section.

Yellow Pages

Do not underestimate the power of an online directory. Well, some yellow pages are free but you have to choose which directory has the most visitors all the time such as Craiglist. It gives more exposure to the business without exerting too much effort or possibly without spending any amount. SEO or Search Engine Optimization makes it work effectively and that is the role of the website owner, to boost the traffic and make posts visible on search engines.

Get Brand Ambassadors

Some celebrities or famous personalities accept gigs such as product endorsements usually done on their personal social media accounts and blog posts. This is more affordable than paying for a short TVC or billboard post. Some brand ambassadors and bloggers especially the amateur ones may agree on cross-deal contracts which is more appropriate if you want a cost-effective marketing.

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