Frequently Asked Questions

Have you tried some of the tips and techniques you have blogged about digital advertising?

Yes, most of them. I always make sure to give accurate advices to my readers because I want to help others appreciate digital ads and Search Engine Optimization.

Is Digital Advertising related to SEO?

Absolutely. The purpose of digital advertising is to promote a business online.  In order to reach the target market, optimization of the website must be done. Meaning, if you successfully used proper SEO elements in your website, people can look for you on search engines such as Google, easily.

Do you offer digital advertising services?

No. I only write articles on my blog regarding the modern marketing and advertising on the internet world. One of my passions is to prove the positive results of understanding and integration of SEO and digital advertising to have an effective business promotion online.

Would you recommend hiring a Digital Advertising expert to business owners?

Yes. There is nothing wrong about that. If you are clueless about the whole process and you are not a techy person to understand everything you read from blogs and other websites, then hiring a professional one is advisable.

But, I also encourage my readers to try to learn on their own. A lot of websites such as can give information about SEO, Internet Marketing and Digital Advertising. I also try to give tips wherein business owners can save money while successfully endorsing their products or services online.

Are you affiliated to any business or digital advertising related companies?

No. The only website I run is my blog I have nothing to do with the companies (if there is) mentioned in my blog posts.