How can you market your business with a hundred dollar budget

Are you starting a small business and you want to promote your brand online? Maybe you are hesitant to do it because you need budget to avail digital advertising or endorsement through famous sites or internet marketers. Yes, it is normal especially for those who are not sure about this modern marketing technique. Let’s find out how you can market the business if you only have a hundred dollar budget.

  • Bloggers and Social Media Influencers – blogging used to be an outlet for people with lots of creative ideas and those who want to share helpful information about a specific thing.

Nowadays, more bloggers are keeping their sites active and updated not because of boredom or for fun. They use it to earn. You read it right!

A lot of business owners all over the world offer partnership or cross deal with bloggers and online influencers. They can offer a little amount of money or free products and services in exchange of promotional articles and photos in their websites and social media or free backlinks of the business page / site.

  • Sponsored Ads – In some social media platforms, you can promote your brand or product through paid ads section. You can set the duration and your budget so, no need to worry about extra fees and expensive contracts.
  • Forum Posting – joining groups online is one of the commonly used method in digital advertising and SEO. This one is absolutely free but you must be dedicated in following the threads and be engaged in conversations. Posting of links is not allowed and the perfect way to promote the business is by pretending to be a client or potential customer looking for recommendations about a specific product or company. You can build up the business as you give positive reviews on your own brand, persuading the other readers and forum members to try out the product you have mentioned.